Emma & Dave’s Gluten & Dairy Free Wedding Cake


Ok so, a new website and a blog and what better to blog about than one of the loveliest couples and their challenge.Emma has coeliac disease which means she is unable to eat wheat or gluten. being also intolerant to dairy meant she was unsure as to whether she could have a wedding cake she could actually eat. we did manage to get around it though and the end result I’m told was eaten and enjoyed by one and all……..and most of the guests didn’t even realise it was gluten and dairy free! Here’s some of what Emma said

“When I first saw the cake it was immediately following the ceremony and just before we took group shots.  It was so beautiful that I cried……..The guests loved it too, we have surprisingly little left over!  We caved to family pressure and cut into the top tier so they could taste the sour cherry.  They ate their way through more than half of that top tier, so we might have to speak to you about another cake for our first anniversary ”

DSC_0785alow DSC_4240alow

Beautiful photography by Linda Pasfield Photography